Tongue Scrapper (2 Pieces)

Tongue Scrapper (2 Pieces)

Tongue Scrapper (2 Pieces)

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  • 👅 ELIMINATE BAD BREATH - A proper tongue scraper is the best remedy for bad breath available. Clean your tongue in seconds with these high quality, stainless steel tongue scrapers. Your new tounge scrapers won't just clean your mouth. These tongue scrapers will scrape away anxiety, low-self esteem, and "steel" the spotlight from others. You'll want the best tongue scraper stainless steel for maximum tongue scraping cleaning — so look no further!

  • ✔️ EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Why waste money on a tongue scraper plastic tool that breaks? Get your tongue scraper stainless steel today and take that confidence a step further knowing your wide-head tounge scraper cleaner will last a lifetime. Don't get stuck with tongue scraper plastic that is weak and too small. What use is that? You deserve the best. That's why your new tongue scraper stainless steel should be firm with a full head to cover your entire tongue.

  • 🏆 RUST-PROOF, 100% STAINLESS STEEL - Using a tounge scraper cleaner for scraping your tongue is so easy that it's crazy everyone isn't using a tounge scraper cleaner! Each tongue scraper features a curved line to fit your tounge. These tongue scrapers are long-lasting and durable. Plus, your tongue scrapers will be easy to clean and sanitize, won’t rust, and won’t break like others.

  • 🌱 BETTER THAN PLASTIC - These tounge scrapers feature smooth stainless steel metal for ultimate strength. Each extra-wide headed tongue cleaner for adults allows you to maximize your metal tongue scrapers' cleaning power. Unlike cheap plastic tongue scraper tools, these stainless steel tongue scrapers will give you the cleanest tongue (and freshest breath) time and time again. Use your new tongue scrapers every day with swiftness and ease.


These are really nice, soft toothbrushes. They are easy to handle, and keep my teeth shiny and clean. Most importantly, it gets everything clean near my gumline


Love these , will be buying more. Very deep clean for a manual tooth brush. And it's soft on sensitive gums.


Very. Very. Soft. Like rubbing a cloth over your teeth. Wierd feeling at first but once yo u get used to it it's really nice.


I've had this toothbrush for 2 months, and I love it. It's so soft and plush and feels like I'm polishing my teeth. The dental hygienist i visited recently could not stop complimenting me on how clean my teeth were! She kept saying she couldn't believe she couldn't find anything to clean off or out of my teeth. Love it!

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