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Nano Ultra Soft Bristles On Sonic Electric Toothbrush

OZ Zen Electric Toothbrush


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  • Life Saver For Sensitive Teeth - With our 10,000 ultra soft Nano bristles brush head, this is perfect for people with sensitive teeth. No more experiencing pain during each brushing session. 

  • Provides Deep Cleaning - Our brush head is densely built to ensure that every inch of your teeth is being taken care of.

  • Effective Plaque Removal - Produces 31000 vibrations per minute that efficiently remove plaques and provide a whiter healthier teeth

  • 5 Cleaning Modes - Comes with variable intensity to suit your needs. Includes a sensitive mode which is especially helpful if you have very sensitive teeth. 

  • Inbuilt Smart Timer - Alert you when to switch to another area to focus on. This helps to avoid overbrushing and damaging the enamel.

  • 1 Year Warranty - Free replacement if any malfunction occurs with the 1st year. 

Why OZ Zen 

Electric Toothbrush?

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Our innovative 10,000 ultra soft bristles is what makes us different. This is the softest bristles that exist in the market and is perfect for people with sensitive teeth yet not sacrificing the need for deep cleaning.

Manual brushing can put excessive pressure on your gums and teeth, which can be a nightmare for people with sensitive teeth/gums. Not to mention the suboptimal cleaning that usually happens with manual brushing, which increases the risk of plaque formation

However, this does not have to be your story. With this electric brush, you can achieve optimal teeth cleaning without discomfort.

Deeper Cleaning For A Fresher Breath

The 10000 ultra-soft bristles, with the powerful ultrasonic technology, can deliver up to 31,000 vibrations per minute without irritating your teeth enamel or gum. This is in addition to super-slim deeply penetrates and cleans bristles with 60-90 microns diameter that deeply penetrates and cleans EVERY TOOTH CREVICE, even in mouth corners and around braces. 

This helps inhibits bacterial growth and giving you a fresher breath .

Smart Brushing For Healthier Brushing Habits

Most manual brush users spend less than the recommended 2-minutes required for optimal cleaning. This electric brush has a 2-minute built-in smart timer that ensures that you brush for the recommended duration. 

It also pauses every 30 seconds, which reminds you to change the brushing area, so you do not overstimulate a spot and run the risk of developing receding gums. The brush then shuts off automatically after 2 minutes.  

Reduced Noise with Adjustable Brushing Modes

OZ Zen electric toothbrush can deliver deep cleaning with reduced noise.

Also, the 5 Brushing Modes with adjustable intensity allows you to choose an intensity that suits your needs per time. 

Convenient Cleaning of Brush

The IPX7 waterproof allows you to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush with water without damage.

Plus, you can use it in the bath or shower without worries.

Easy to Charge with Long-lasting Battery

The wireless charging technology makes your toothbrush super easy to charge with an adapter and USB cable. Also, a full charge can last up to 90 days. 

What's Inside The Package

  • 1* OZ Zen electric toothbrush

  • 2* 10,000 bristles brush heads

  • 1* Travel case

  • 1* wireless charging adapter

  • 1* USB cable

  • 1* Instruction manual

Frequently Asked Questions

My teeth is very sensitive. Can I use this?

OZ Zen is specially built for people with sensitive teeth. Our 10,000 ultra soft bristles brush head has received thousands of positive reviews and that is what leads us to creating an electric version.

Do you sell brush refills?

Yes! We also have a subscription plan for brush refills at only $9.95 for 2. 

Is this good for kids?

We do not recommend this for kids. We have a separate version for kids.

What is the dimensions of the electric toothbrush?

255mm x 28mm

Is the charger compatible with 220V?

Yes. Input 100-240V.

How long does the battery last on a full charge?

One full charge lasts up to 90 days of use.

Do you have other types of brush heads?

Yes. Our other best seller is the dupont brush head.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. OZ Zen comes with 1 year warranty. You can also pay an additional $4.95 for an additional year of warranty. If the product malfunction during the warranty period, you will receive a new replacement at no cost.

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